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     "Craig Allen came to our rescue after our general contractor went out of business half way through a major remodel of our historic bungalow.  He was on of the "good guys" who we hired to finish up the project. Honest, on time, respectful, mature - I'd hire him again in a millisecond and recommend him highly."

CE Ottenweller

​    "I use Craig Allen's First Class Renovations because he the only person I know that is more anal and detail oriented than me. Worse, he has the technical chops to prove to me that his way is not only the better way, but the correct way and how it should be done. If you want to win technical arguments, Craig is not your man. However, if you want your project executed expeditiously and professionally, explain to him clearly and concisely the goal you want to attain. Than stand back and watch the transformation. I have NEVER been displeased with the results, though admitting that he was right and I was wrong has not been easy. Call it a lesson in humility."

Charles Krenzler

    "Craig Allen has done large and small jobs for us over a period of years, including remodeling our kitchen and building an entire garage apartment. His work ranges from excellent to inspired and his sub-contractors have been first-rate. Our favorite example of Craig's inspiration was how he solved a perennial problem with our corner kitchen cabinets, which had hinged fixtures that were constantly breaking due to excessive torque. He dispensed with the hinges and divided the doors into two parts, one of which slides smoothly in and out as you open it: a perfect and unique solution. Now we have our own Craig's list of small jobs which he attends to from time to time. We have total trust in Craig Allen's integrity and inventiveness, and hope we never have to hire anyone else!"

Michael Webster and Leone Buyse

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In 2006 Craig Allen had a vision and a talent.  His talent was woodworking.  His vision was to make quality renovations. At First Class Renovations, we strive to make your individual dreams come true with collaborative design between FCR and the homeowner. Moreover, we have the expertise to restore your "Historic" home accurately, as well as selling the necessary Architectural Antiques you desire (doors, windows, knobs, hardware, and more!) which includes recreating impossible to find trim. First Class Renovations does first class quality work for you. A space that you can't wait to show off is within reach. 

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Founded: 2006

Owner: Craig Allen


Areas of expertise:  Home and office restoration and renovation, Outdoor living space, Roofing, etc.